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PARHAM MS XXI. Cruciform Gospel Lectionary (Greg.-Aland l 233; Scrivener evst. 235)

Add MS 39603 : 12th century

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  • Title:
    PARHAM MS XXI. Cruciform Gospel Lectionary (Greg.-Aland l 233; Scrivener evst. 235)
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 39603
  • Creation Date: 12th century
  • Extent and Access:

    196 folios

    Access Conditions: Restrictions to access apply please consult British Library staff:
    Conditions of Use: Letter of introduction required to view this manuscript
  • Language: Greek, Ancient
  • Contents and Scope:

    PARHAM MS XXI. Cruciform Gospel Lectionary (Greg.-Aland l 233; Scrivener evst. 235), possibly made for an emperor, with ekphonetic neumes.

    Physical characteristics:

    Material: Parchment.

    Foliation: ff x + 196.

    Dimensions: 370 x 280 mm.

    Ruling: 240 x 190 mm, written in cruciform, 26 lines per page.

    Binding: Modern but not recent binding of wooden boards covered with blue velvet, much worn. On both covers is a cross with a patterned border, between corner-ornaments, all gilt. The cross on the front cover has the inscription "IC XC NIKA".

    Decoration: Illuminated initials and finial ornaments at each angle of the cruciform text. Fully illuminated cruciform borders enclose the text on ff 1r, 42r, 112r. Tail-piece on f 196v. Neums in red, headings and rubrics in gold over red. The first two pages of text are also in gold over red.

  • History:
    Eastern Mediterranean.
    Custodial History:

    Origin: Eastern Mediterranean.


    Owned by Methodios, Bishop of Herakleia (1646-1668), later Patriarch of Constantinople (1668-1671; died 1679): note in a late hand, f 1r (ἀφιερώται παρὰ τοῦ σεβασμίου γέροντος ἁγίου Ἡρακλείας κυρίου Μεθοδίου ὡς δὲ δι’ ἱστορίας ἐχομεν βασιλικῶν χειρῶν ἐργον ἐστί, Ἀλεξίου ἢ Ἐμμανοήλου τῶν Κομνηνῶν, and below in a monocondylium, Ὁ Ἡρακλείας Μεθόδιος).

    Belonged to the monastery of Pantocrator on Mount Athos, where it was shown on feast days along with relics of the saints: note by Curzon, ff ix recto-verso.

    Transferred to the monastery of Xenophon during the War of Independence: note by Curzon, ff ix recto-verso.

    Purchased from the monastery of Xenophon by the Hon. Robert Curzon in 1837.

    Immediate Source of Acquisition:

    Add MSS 39583-39671, along with Oriental MSS 8729-8855, were bequeathed to the British Museum by Darea Curzon, Baroness Zouche (d. 1917), having been part of the collection formed at Parham, Co. Sussex, by the Hon. Robert Curzon, afterwards 14th Baron Zouche, as the result of his travels in the Levant, etc., in 1833 and later. A copy of Robert Curzon's Catalogue of Materials for Writing, ... Rolls and other Manuscripts and Oriental Manuscript Books (1849), with manuscript additions, accompanied the gift, and is now Add MS 64098.

  • Copies: Complete digital coverage available for this item, see Digitised Manuscripts [].
  • Digital Version:
  • Exhibitions: Greek Manuscripts, (online), 18 September 2016-
  • Publications:

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