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Correspondence of Maynard Smith and related papers filed under G

Add MS 86576 : 1979-1991

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  • Title:
    Correspondence of Maynard Smith and related papers filed under G
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 86576
  • Creation Date: 1979-1991
  • Extent and Access:
    1 file

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Correspondents: Madhav Gadgil, Alan Grafen, Mart R. Gross, Mike Grant, Marjorie Grene, P.H. Gouyon, John Gurdon, Nicholas J. Gandy, T.V. Givnish, John Gittleman, S.J. Gould, Michael Gilbert, Richard Dawkins, J.J.D. Greenwood, N. Goldsmith, D. Rogers (re Alan Grafen's PhD examination), T.R. Givnish, B.C. Goodwin, R.W. Goudey, D. Rudd-Jones (Glasshouse Crops Research Institute), R. Gibson, P. Goodey, Stephen L. Schlesinger (John Simon Guggenheim Foundation), J. Good, James R. Griesmemer, Patty Gowarty, Peter Gardenfors, James Graham, Robert Gibson, Michael T. Ghiselin, Louis Gross, Dr. Galuti, Donald Geiger, Wilfried Gabriel, C. Gliddon, P.R. Grant, Alexander M. Grimswade, Philip D. Gingerich, A. Gimelfarb, T.H. Goldsmith, C.J. Grant, Ian Godding, Alan Gelperin, T.H. Day (Genetical Society), Linda Goff, Werner Guth, Moris Gosling, University of Guelph (Department of Computing and Information Science), James Graham, David A. Galbraith, John Godfrey and Beverly Griffin.

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