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Genetic cycles

Add MS 86605 : 1984-1985

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  • Title:
    Genetic cycles
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 86605
  • Creation Date: 1984-1985
  • Extent and Access:
    Extent: 3 sub-folders

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Some of the items are undated.

    Folder marked 'Battle of Sexes'.

    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Josef Hofbauer relating to reading a manuscript; 22 Feb 1985. Handwritten.
    • J. Hofbauer, Are there mixed ESS I asymmetric games? Handwritten.

    Folder marked 'genetic cycles'.

    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Hofbauer; 7 Aug 1985. Handwritten. Attached to it is a manuscript by J. Maynard Smith, and J. Hofbauer, 'The battle of the sexes: a genetic model with limit cycle behaviour'. Typewritten with diagrams.
    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Jon Seger (Department of Biology, Princeton University); 4 Dec 1984. Signed.
    • J.Seger, 'Sketch for a paper on genetic models of female choice'. Attached to it are equations in Maynard Smith's hand; 1984.
    • J. Maynard Smith, 'Sexual selection, handicaps and fitness. Draft intended for JTB'; 1984. Typewritten, 2 copies.
    • Section of Maynard Smith's 'Sexual selection, handicaps and true fitness'. Typewritten.
    • Alterations/ addition to the manuscript 'Sexual Selection, Handicaps and True Fitness'. Handwritten.
    • Book review – typewritten: book claims that a new paradigm is emerging in evolutionary biology. Ed. by Saunders et al. Authors include: Matsuno, Wicken, Fox, Vrba, Nelson and Platnick, Lovtrup, Webster, Goodwin, Ho, Pollard, Boden and Sinha.
    • Handwritten list of references.
    • Handwritten notes relating to table 1.

    Folder entitled 'Cycles in population genetics'.

    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Hofbauer, including photocopied notes and equations; 1 Aug 1984. Partly handwritten and copies.
    • Acetates for a presentation/seminar – 'the basic model'.
    • Handwritten notes relating to limit cycles in population genetics – explains various models.

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