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"Sociobiology" row

Add MS 86615 : 1979-1982

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  • Title:
    "Sociobiology" row
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 86615
  • Creation Date: 1979-1982
  • Extent and Access:
    Extent: 29 loose items

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Some items are undated.

    • Letter to Dick Lewontin from Maynard Smith relating to review of 'Genes, mind and culture'; 19 Jul undated.
    • Letter to the editors of Nature from Charles J. Lumsden and Edward O. Wilson; 9 Jun 1981. Typewritten copies.
    • Letter to the editors of New York Review of Books from Charles J. Lumsden and Edward O. Wilson; 3 Jul 1981. Annotated 'supposedly in press'. Typewritten copies.
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Lumsden relating to the review of 'Genes, mind and Culture'; 26 Jul 1981.
    • Letter from Lumsden to Maynard Smith; 8 Aug 1981 attached to computer printouts 'Listing 1. The (0.4, 0.6) Bias Case, CJL'; 8 Aug 1981.
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Lumsden; 20 Aug 1981?
    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Charles Lumsden, 28 Aug 1981, cc E.O. Wilson.
    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Peter Medawar (Clinical Research Centre, Middlesex), relating to the review of 'Genes, Mind and Culture'; 31 Jul 1981. Signed.
    • Letters to Maynard Smith from Steven Rose, (Biology Department, Open University); 18 Jun 1979. Includes the article 'Sociobiology: the instincts in our genes'.
    • Stephen Rose to Maynard Smith; 19 Nov 1980. Includes articles by John Thornton Bannerman, 'Nationalism, racialism: product of our selfish genes', New Nation , 2 (1980), and Richard Verrall, 'Science is championing our creed of social nationalism', New Nation , 1 (1980).
    • Letter to Maynard Smith possibly by Seger; Sunday undated. Comment on letter to [ Nature ?]
    • Letter to Maynard Smith from E.O. Wilson (Museum of Comparative Anatomy, Harvard); 13 Sep 1978. Signed.
    • Manuscript extract from an article on culture and biology.
    • Draft of 'Models of Cultural and Genetic Change' by Maynard Smith and N. Warren. Handwritten.
    • Handwritten notes on vertical transmission.
    • Handwritten notes on cost functions.
    • Computer printouts.
    • Computer printouts and other notes.
    • Reviews of 'Genes, mind and culture' and 'Cultural Transmission and evolution: a quantitative approach' annotated: 'to John (Maynard Smith) with best wishes from John' (G. Turner, Reader in Evolutionary Genetics, University of Leeds). Typewritten.
    • Handwritten notes and workings out: 'Suppose you start with no trait. . .'; 'Model 1 . . . '.
    • Isadore Nabi, 'An evolutionary interpretation of the English Sonnet (The first annual Piltdown lecture on man and nature)' annotated: 'a first draft apparently, Paul'.
    • Neil Warren, 'Cultural and biological evolution' and a covering note from Neil Warren.
    • Thomas Wynn, 'The intelligence of Oldowan Hominids' manuscript for Journal of Human Evolution , in press. Annotated by Neil Warren.
    • Joseph S. Alper and Robert V. Lange, 'Lumsden-Wilson theory of gene-culture evolution', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA , 6 (1980), 3976-3979.
    • Newspaper article, Irenaus Eibl Eibesfeldt, 'Die Angst vor den Menschen: Von den Wurzeln diskriminierenden Verhaltens', SZ Am Wochenende , 3-4 Jul 1982. Includes English translation by Arthur Merin.
    • Steven Rose, 'The Thatcher view of human nature', New Scientist , 1979, 575. Annotated: 'John see last paragraph, Richard' (possibly Dawkins).
    • Steven Rose, 'Genes and race', Nature , 239 (1981), 335. Typescript copy of a letter sent to Nature from Richard Dawkins, annotated; 30 Jan undated.
    • Jon Seger, 'Social Scientists and sociobiologists get their lines crossed', Nature , 291 (1981), 690.
    • Maynard Smith, J., Warren N., ‘Models of cultural and genetic change’, Evolution , 36 (1982), 620-627.

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