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Add MS 86623 : 1974-1984

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  • Title:
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 86623
  • Creation Date: 1974-1984
  • Extent and Access:
    Extent: 2 sub-folders

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Some items are undated.

    Folder marked 'Zahavi for comment'.

    • Letter from Stevan Harnard, (The Behavioural and Brain Sciences journal) to Amotz Zahavi attached to referee's reports; 8 Mar 1984.
    • Reference letter from Maynard Smith for Mark Kirkpatrick (University Washington) to the Miller Institute for Basic Research into science; 3 Nov 1982.
    • Letter from Mark Kirkpatrick to Maynard Smith; 8 Jun 1983.
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Mark Kirkpatrick; 13 Jun 1983.
    • Letter from Mark Kilpatrick to Maynard Smith; 19 Oct 1983.
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Mark Kirkpatrick; 26 Oct 1983? attaching the copy of a reference for Mark Kirkpatrick addressed to the Department of Zoology, University of Texas Austin; 31 Oct 1983.
    • Computer printouts: 'Listing of 4Zahavi', 'Listing of Bells'.
    • Amotz Zahavi, 'The pattern of vocal signals and the information they convey'. To be published in Behaviour .
    • A. Zahavi, 'The testing of a bond', Animal Behaviour , 25 (1977), 246-247. Typescript.
    • Proceedings of the 16th International Ornithological Congress, Canberra, Australia 1974. Ed. by H.J Frith and J.H. Calaby.
    • A. Zahavi, 'Reliability in communication systems and the evolution of altruism' in Evolutionary Ecology , ed. by Stonehouse and Perrins, (London: Macmillan Press Ltd, 1977), pp. 253-259.
    • A. Zahavi, 'Decorative patterns and the evolution of art', New Scientist , 80 (1978), 182-184.
    • A. Zahavi, 'Ritualization and the Evolution of Movement Signals', Behaviour , 72 (1980), 77-81.
    • A. Zahavi, 'Natural Selection, Sexual Selection and the Selection of Signals', in Evolution today: Proceedings of the second international congress of systematic and evolution biology , ed. by G.C.E. Scudder and J.L. Reveal, (Pittsburgh: Carnegie-Melon University Press, 1981), pp. 133-138. Typescript.
    • A. Zahavi, 'Some comments on Sociobiology', Auk , 98 (1981), 412-415.
    • A. Zahavi, 'The lateral display of fishes: bluff or honesty in signalling?', Behaviour Analysis Letters , 1 (1981), 233-235.

    Folder marked 'Zahavi'.

    • Patrick P.G. Bateson (Animal Behaviour Department, University of Cambridge) to Maynard Smith; 6 Apr 1977. Enclosed is a typescript by P.P.G. Bateson. 'Handicaps and the choice of sexual partner'.
    • Patrick P.G. Bateson to Maynard Smith; 27 Apr 1977.
    • Patrick P.G. Bateson to Maynard Smith; 4 May 1977.
    • Maynard Smith to Patrick P.G. Bateson; 1977.
    • Graham Bell to Maynard Smith; 31 Jan 1976.
    • Graham Bell to Maynard Smith; undated.
    • Letter from Brian Charlesworth (Genetics Department, University of Liverpool) to Maynard Smith; 26 Nov 1973. Includes article by Brian and Deborah Charlesworth 'Sexual selection and polymorphism' submitted to the American Naturalist.
    • Letter from Ilan Eshel to Maynard Smith with attached article 'On the Handicap Principle – A Critical Defence'; 22 Mar 1977. 2 copies.
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Ilan Eshel; 25 Apr 1977.
    • Letter from Ilan Eshel to Maynard Smith; 10 May undated. Handwritten
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Ilan Eshel; 17 May undated.
    • Letter from Zahavi to Maynard Smith; 2 Dec 1973. Typescript enclosed: A. Zahavi, 'Sexual selection – a selection for a handicap'. Annotated ‘Maynard Smith to Zahavi’.
    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Rod relating to Bell programmes; undated.
    • Computer printout, Zygotes of each Mating Type in Linkage Equilibrium. Zahavi Programme by J. Maynard Smith; Feb 1975.
    • Computer printout annotated Bell's Programme modified; 6 Mar 1975.
    • 'Runs of "ZAHAVI"; 1 May 1977.
    • Handwritten notes on 'Zahavi'; 1977.
    • Computer printouts "DIP", Diploid Version of Zahavi.
    • Handwritten notes on testing Bell's paper for evolution.
    • Computer printouts for Zahavi programme: 5 items.
    • Handwritten notes on John's programme.
    • Handwritten notes, 1 page.
    • Handwritten notes about Bell: 'Notation – Bell. . .' 5 pages.
    • Flow chart, graphs and typewritten notes on 'Details of Zahavi Simulations'including a printout of a computer programme relating to Zahavi exact recombination model written by Bell. Stored as "1Zahavi".
    • Handwritten notes on Zahavi programme.
    • Handwritten notes on sexual selection a la Zahavi.

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