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Spider games

Add MS 86631 : 1982-1998

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  • Title:
    Spider games
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 86631
  • Creation Date: 1982-1998
  • Extent and Access:
    Extent: 10 sub-folders and 3 loose items

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Some items are undated.

    Folder marked 'Spider genetics analysis of data'.

    • Untitled manuscript, typewritten (fighting behaviour over web sites of the funnel-web spider, extension of earlier paper by Maynard Smith and Riechert).
    • Computer printouts on territory size and agonistic behavior.
    • Handwritten notes on 'Territory', 'Fights (females)', 'Sex linked comparisons', 'Contest costs', 'F1 hybrids', 'Back crosses', 'Major anomalies' and 'F2 hybrids'.
    • Computer print outs for 'B:VAR'.

    Folder marked 'Spider genetics model predictions'.

    • Handwritten notes relating to predictions for "SPID 4" – 50 contests.
    • Computer printout for SPID4.
    • Hand drawn diagram.

    Folder marked 'Draft Spiders'.

    • Handwritten notes and computer printouts relating to '1st bout'.
    • Hand-drawn flow diagram relating to programming.
    • Handwritten notes relating to 'Maynard Smith hypothesis'.
    • Introduction to a manuscript relating to agonistic spiders.
    • T.J. Roper and G. Crossland, 'Mechanisms underlying eating-drinking transitions in rats', Animal behaviour , 30 (1982), 602-614.
    • Wendy A. Weiger, 'Serotonergic modulation of behaviour: a phylogenetic overview', Biological review , 72 (1997), 61-95.

    Loose items:

    • Letter from Susan [Riechert] (University of Tennessee) to Maynard Smith; 24 Jul 1984.
    • Letter from Susan [Riechert] University of Tennessee to Maynard Smith; 9 Feb 1984.

    Folder marked 'Simulated spider games August 1982 ?final runs?'

    • Handwritten notes and figures and computer printouts; Aug 1982.

    Folder marked 'Simulated spider games SP11 & SP12'.

    • Handwritten notes and computer printouts relating to SP11 and SP12; 1982.

    Folder marked 'Spiders'.

    • Letter from Susan [Riechert] (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville) to Maynard Smith; 5 Feb 1998. Includes a typewritten project summary (grant proposal to study genetic mechanism underlying a suite of behavioural traits that collectively adapt populations to local levels of resource availability).
    • Letter from Susan [Riechert] to Maynard Smith; 29 Mar 1998
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Susan [Riechert]; 17 Apr 1998?

    Folder marked 'Spider games data lists'.

    • Handwritten notes and lists of figures, on 'Equal New Mexico'. Photocopied.

    Folder marked 'Spider games analysing contests "Sequa"'.

    • Computer printouts and handwritten notes relating to 'Sequa'.

    Loose items:

    • Letter to Maynard Smith from Susan [Riechert], enclosing tables of results relating to territory size experiments; 2 Sep 1987.

    Folder marked 'Spider games – genetics'.

    • Letter from Susan [Riechert] to Maynard Smith enclosing table and photocopied slide images; 3 Oct 1984.
    • Letter from Maynard Smith to Susan [Riechert]; 17 Oct 1984?
    • Handwritten notes relating to 'NM x AZ'.
    • Handwritten notes relating to simulated fights (using Sequa and SP12).

    Folder marked 'Analysis of actual spider games & simulation c 2000'.

    • Computer printouts.
    • Hand drawn diagrams relating to NMOGEX and NMOGAV (1st bout).
    • Handwritten notes and figures relating to actual fights.
    • Handwritten notes relating to frequency of acts (actual).
    • Computer printouts.

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