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Political and Secret Letters and enclosures received from India, Vol 14

IOR/L/PS/7/14 : May 1877-Jul 1877

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  • Title:
    Political and Secret Letters and enclosures received from India, Vol 14
  • Collection Area: India Office Records and Private Papers
  • Reference: IOR/L/PS/7/14
  • Creation Date: May 1877-Jul 1877
  • Extent and Access:
    1 volume

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Political Letter Nos. 73-139, Secret Letter Nos. 12-28. With Index.


    pp.281-343, No 86. Minute by the Viceroy on the re-organization of the frontier including the Central Asia question. 17 May 1877

    pp.537-697, No 17. An account of the action taken for securing an efficient control over the passes of the Hindu Kush between the eastern confines of Afghanistan and the North-Western Frontier of Kashmere, with information on neighbouring countries in appendix. 11 Jun 1877

    pp.1113-1134, No 21. Occupation of Kizyl Arvat by the Russian forces. 2 Jul 1877

    pp.1337-1339, No 24. Despatch from British Chargé d’Affaires at Peking, reporting a conversation between British Consul at Canton and the Chinese Governor of the Kwang Provinces, relative to the general position of China on her north-west frontier, with special reference to Kashgaria; the views of the Chinese Governor on the general subject of Russian aggression in the East. 16 Jul 1877

    pp.1341-1343, No 25. Translation of a document forwarded by Capt G C Napier, on special duty at Teheran, having reference to atrocities alleged to have been committed by the Russians in the country of the Turkomans after the Khivan campaign; the original document bears the seals of the leading Khans of the Akhal Tekke tribe. 16 Jul 1877

    pp.1383-1408, No 52. Translation of a Muhammadan circular on the subject of the war in Europe. 16 Jul 1877

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