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Political and Secret Letters and enclosures received from India, Vol 20

IOR/L/PS/7/20 : Oct 1878-Dec 1878

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  • Title:
    Political and Secret Letters and enclosures received from India, Vol 20
  • Collection Area: India Office Records and Private Papers
  • Reference: IOR/L/PS/7/20
  • Creation Date: Oct 1878-Dec 1878
  • Extent and Access:
    1 volume

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Political Letter Nos. 226-256, Secret Letter Nos. 118-163. With Index.


    pp.13-25, No 120. Capt Napier’s movements on the Persian frontier, and his proposed visit to Merv. 7 Nov 1878

    pp.89-93. Monthly Memoranda of Trans-frontier Information. Dec 1878

    pp.97-109, No 230. Diary of the Officiating British Joint Commissioner in Ladakh for the period from 1 to 16 September 1878; includes information concerning affairs in Yarkand. 7 Nov 1878

    pp.119-122, No 128. The movement of Russian troops from Chekishlier, and the release of Persian captives by the Atrak Turkomans. 14 Nov 1878

    pp.169-186, No 134. The re-conquest of Kashgar and Yarkand by the Chinese, and the present position of affairs in Yarkand. 14 Nov 1878

    p.271, (Enclo No 5). Confidential Newsletter: 30 Shikarpuri traders expelled by the Russians from Samarkand, Kokand, Khujand, and Tashkent. 29 Oct 1878

    pp.313-315, No 141. Confidential Newsletter from Yarkand: the encampment of Chinese troops in Kashgar. 7 Sep 1878

    pp.661-667. Monthly Memoranda of Trans-frontier Information. Jan 1879

    pp.763-769, No 247. Account of the capture of Kashgar by the Chinese in 1876-1877. 21 Nov 1878

    pp.817-821, No 160. The movements of the Russian expedition to Akhal. 27 Dec 1878

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