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Arrangements of works by Ralph Vaughan Williams

MS Mus. 1714/8/1 : c1982-1998

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  • Title:
    Arrangements of works by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Collection Area: Music Collections
  • Reference: MS Mus. 1714/8/1
  • Creation Date: c1982-1998
  • Extent and Access:

    150 folios

  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Arrangements of works by Ralph Vaughan Williams, and works written in homage to him.

    • 1. Ralph Vaughan Williams: 'Bryn Calfaria', from 'Three preludes founded on Welsh hymn tunes', arranged by Benjamin Gunnar Cohrs for string orchestra. 1998. Autograph full score. With an accompanying letter.
    • 2. Ralph Vaughan Williams: 'Five variants of Dives and Lazarus', arranged for wind band by Douglas Harris. Photocopy.
    • 3. Stephen Cronin: 'Suite for recorder and strings'. 1983. 'Homage to Vaughan Williams'. Photocopy of full score.
    • 4. Ralph Vaughan Williams: 'Nocturne' and 'Clear midnight', from 'Poems of Walt Whitman, arranged by [?] Grange for voice and instrumental ensemble. n.d. Score. Photocopy.
    • 5. William Kinghorn: 'Symphony no. 2'. 1989. 'Homage to R.V.W.' Full score. Photocopy.
    • 6. Donald Spinck: 'Come down O Love Divine', prelude on the hymn tune 'Down Ampney' for organ and piano. [c 1982]. Photocopy. With correspondence.

    [Preludes on Welsh hymn tunes, organ. Bryn Calfaria; arr.]

    [Poems by Walt Whitman. Nocturne; arr.]

    [Poems by Walt Whitman. Clear midnight; arr]

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