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'Titus Groan' ( Titus Groan chapters 25-35)

Add MS 88931/1/3/4 : 1940-1941

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  • Title:
    'Titus Groan' ( Titus Groan chapters 25-35)
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 88931/1/3/4
  • Creation Date: 1940-1941
  • Extent and Access:
    Extent: 1 volume

    Access Conditions: Restrictions to access apply please consult British Library staff:
  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Autograph manuscript in different colour inks, with authorial revisions and [editor's?] corrections in pencil. Title 'Goremenghast (continued)' crossed out and replaced with 'Titus Groan'. Supplementary leaves with additions and revisions have been pasted into the volume. At the end of the manuscript there are detailed notes on the development of character, plot and structure. Supplementary leaf f.130 has draft of poem 'From the hot chaos of the many habitations'. Dated 25 December, Blackpool.

    Sketches and doodles throughout. Drawings in pencil, ink and coloured wash include:

    • f.1: title page with brick pillar;
    • f.5: margin doodle of female nude with arm raised;
    • f.10: margin doodle of male heads;
    • f.17: head of hairy male [Steerpike?];
    • f.20: nude boy seated [Sebastian Peake?];
    • f.21: doodle of geometric shapes, flowers and leaves;
    • f.26: stylised drawing of bearded man with head covering;
    • f.26v: profile of Maeve's face in margin;
    • f.29: margin doodle of winged? female figure with arms raised;
    • f.32: margin doodle of male nude on tip-toes with arms raised;
    • f.35: seated nude female figure with head bowed; doodle of vine wrapped around pen;
    • f.37: Rantel?;
    • f.38: carving? with skull-like head of horse;
    • f.40v: doodle of head perhaps emerging from log;
    • f.41: object with spherical base and pointed tip on chequered surface;
    • f.43: doodle of ?shield (in colour);
    • f.44: rooftops;
    • f.45: doodles of nude figure, shapes and word 'preserve';
    • f.46: doodle of abstract marks made in ink;
    • f.46v: doodle of side of face;
    • f.50v: rough outline of rooftops;
    • f.52v: abstract doodle;
    • f.53: margin doodle of cartoon head;
    • f.55: female head and more detailed male portrait [Sepulchrave?];
    • f.58: margin sketch of Fuchsia?;
    • f.61: bird flying towards male figure wearing starry jacket and feather on forehead;
    • f.64: head of Prunesquallor in dark glasses;
    • f.67: head and shoulders of male in skullcap (in colour);
    • f.69: detailed doodle of two heads, one with pointed nose and long hair;
    • f.75: detailed drawing of round face (ink and wash);
    • f.77: small doodles of stylised head with curly hair and cubist abstract of figure walking;
    • f.79: wide margin full of cartoon people and creatures;
    • ff.81v-82: margin doodle of tree-like figure; leaf;
    • f.88: brush painting of mud dwellings at the foot of Gormenghast Castle;
    • f.95: wide-eyed female face [Keda?];
    • f.99: kneeling male figure in loin-cloth [Rantel?];
    • f.115: margin doodle of fruit or seed pod;
    • f.115v: rough outline of scene with several figures;
    • f.117: small child wearing headscarf placing hands on creature; rough sketch of scene beneath text;
    • f.119v: small margin drawing of two figures on ?clouds;
    • ff.129v-ii: partial drawing of figure with patterned leg and winged loin-cloth; profile of face; heads of child [Sebastian Peake?].

    Physical characteristics:

    Materials: hard-bound volume.

    Dimensions: 227mm x 177mm.

    Foliation: ff.ii+130.

  • Former Identifiers: UCL ref: MSS ADD 234 Box I (iii)
  • Copies: Digital images (in jpeg format) are available to consult in the Manuscripts Reading Room. Please see Manuscripts Reference Enquiries.

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