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'Ideas for Book Two' ( Titus Groan chapters 60-61)

Add MS 88931/1/3/9 : c 1939-1943

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  • Title:
    'Ideas for Book Two' ( Titus Groan chapters 60-61)
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 88931/1/3/9
  • Creation Date: c 1939-1943
  • Extent and Access:
    1 volume

    Access Conditions: Restrictions to access apply please consult British Library staff:
  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Working notebook for what Peake referred to as Book 1 and Book 2 [two parts of Titus Groan ], in pencil, crayon and ink. Includes continuation of manuscript with authorial revisions and [editorial?] corrections in red pencil. Also includes drafts of introduction (crossed out) and chapter listing. Insert has scene between 'Fuschia' [Fuchsia] and 'Moistwrattle' (f.59). Notebook dated 15 June 1943 but some drawings are upside down, suggesting that notebook had been used previously, possibly dating from 1939/1940 due to the presence of a sketch for one of the Ride a Cock-Horse illustrations.

    Drawings in charcoal, pencil, crayon and ink include:

    • f.1: cleavers/axes;
    • f.2v: bolt, screw and washer;
    • f.3: arm and hand;
    • f.5v: prostrate female figure;
    • f.6v-7: winged creature with head of horse and winged creature with skull for head;
    • f.12: two sketches of Dr Prunesquallor's head and further detail of his jaw;
    • f.15: Steerpike seated; outline of twins, Cora and Clarice Groan;
    • f.18: study from life of two figures in armchairs;
    • f.19: profile of head underneath text;
    • f.21: studies for the twins, Cora and Clarice Groan (three figures in total);
    • f.22: two sketches of Prunesquallor's head; Flay's knee wrapped in cloth;
    • f.23v: head of young man;
    • ff.23-24: two drawings of head of sleeping child;
    • f.24v: Flay;
    • f.25: Flay striding;
    • f.26: female facial features;
    • f.26v: Flay's hand holding sword;
    • f.28v: rough sketch of two figures;
    • f.29: rough sketch of scene (subject unclear);
    • ff.30v-31: two studies from life of man with hands held behind his back;
    • f.32: three studies of faces;
    • f.35: male figure;
    • f.36: Flay;
    • f.36v: male figure;
    • f.47v: ?Maeve in glasses; robotic-looking headless figure; sketch for butcher in tub from Ride A Cock Horse ;
    • f.51v: rough sketch underneath text (subject unclear);
    • f.52v: female head wearing headscarf;
    • f.54v: figure drawing underneath text;
    • f.58: man wearing suit and hat with hands in pockets;
    • f.iii: rough sketches including serpent-like monster.

    Physical characteristics:

    Materials: hard-bound volume.

    Dimensions: 227mm x 175mm.

    Foliation ff.iii+59+38*,43*.

  • Former Identifiers: UCL ref: MS ADD 234 2 (viii)
  • Copies:

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