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Autograph Manuscript ( Gormenghast chapters 1-14)

Add MS 88931/1/3/13 : 1945-1948

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  • Title:
    Autograph Manuscript ( Gormenghast chapters 1-14)
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 88931/1/3/13
  • Creation Date: 1945-1948
  • Extent and Access:
    Extent: 1 volume

    Access Conditions: Restrictions to access apply please consult British Library staff:
  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Draft with authorial revisions (some on supplementary leaves pasted in) and corrections. Includes 'The Colour Chapters'. Dated 12 Feb 1945 at front. Inscribed 'Moores Hotel Guernsey Sept 15th' on f.85.

    Drawings in ink include:

    • f.3v: doodle of bird and face that looks like tribal mask;
    • f.15: two studies for Steerpike; penguin ink blot drawings;
    • f.15v: ink blot turned into penguin wearing fur coat;
    • f.16v: cat;
    • f.20v: head of figure with shaggy hair and pronounced features;
    • f.27: ink blots turned into birds;
    • f.29: appears to be rough outline of Swelter and Steerpike;
    • f.37: trousered leg and boot;
    • f.43: ink drawing of tall female figure holding a creature by a thread and a figure in a grass skirt, with sailing ship in the background;
    • ff.46v-47: four studies for Prunesquallor;
    • f.48: two studies for Prunesquallor;
    • f.53: 'Sebby [Sebastian Peake] Feb 1948 Sark';
    • f.56: Gertrude;
    • f.58: doodles of an eye and other shapes;
    • f.59: Maeve Gilmore with Fabian Peake;
    • f.62v: studies for professors Flannelcat and Crust (full-length and heads);
    • f.65: tropical birds and fish and explorers/hunters smoking;
    • f.66v: diagram of figure on staircase;
    • f.70v-f.71: ink-blot drawing of tattooed man in tri-corn hat and mice with cheese;
    • f.71v: child holding rake;
    • f.77: Professor 'Mash-Marlow';
    • f.79: head of female with long hair [Fuchsia?];
    • f.81: margin doodle of legs and feet (only stub of leaf remaining) ;
    • f.83: various sketches including: head of boy [Titus?]; road disappearing into the distance; what appears to be a hairy heart;
    • f.85: margin doodle of stylised female figure wearing skirt;
    • f.87: head of boy;
    • f.90: heads of professors Deadyawn, Bellgrove, Opus Fluke and Mash-Marlow;
    • f.87: detailed drawing of head;
    • f.97v: veiled female face;
    • f.105v: Opus Fluke on deathbed;
    • f.106v: three heads of professors;
    • f.107: professor in mortar board at desk;
    • f.108v: male head [Professor Splint?];
    • f.110: male figure lying on side;
    • f.112v: wrinkled face with hair sticking up;
    • f.114: three professors running;
    • f.113v: head of male inscribed 'Eumenedes';
    • f.114v: face;
    • f.123: female figure wearing corset, bum roll and petticoat;
    • f.125v: Prunesquallor;
    • f.126v: interior with cockerel and hen.

    Manuscript appears to contain extra scenes not found in published edition.

    Physical characteristics:

    Materials: hard-bound volume.

    Dimensions: 238mm x 190mm.

    Foliation: ff.127.

  • Former Identifiers: UCL ref: MS ADD 234 Box III(i)

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