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'Titus Four'

Add MS 88931/1/3/43 : Jul 1960

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  • Title:
    'Titus Four'
  • Collection Area: Western Manuscripts
  • Reference: Add MS 88931/1/3/43
  • Creation Date: Jul 1960
  • Extent and Access:
    Extent: 1 volume

    Access Conditions: Restrictions to access apply please consult British Library staff:
  • Language: English
  • Contents and Scope:

    Revised autograph manuscript in different colour inks and crayon. Contains first draft of beginning of fourth Titus novel [published as Titus Awakes ], with working notes and a list of possible titles. Starting on f.32 is a draft of the beginning of Titus Alone . Inscribed 'Wallington', later crossed out and replaced with 'Drayton Gardens SW10'. Dated 10 July 1960.

    Drawings in pencil, crayon, felt pen and ink include:

    • f.5: Muzzlehatch?;
    • f.8v: ink blot transformed into doodle of stick figure running;
    • f.12v: side of face;
    • f.16: doodle of ink pen;
    • f.18: male figure in pointed hat;
    • f.22: cat;
    • f.24: bird-rodent;
    • f.24: two figures;
    • f.25: 'Swelter on a cull';
    • f.25v: face;
    • f.26: Swelter and other figure;
    • f.28: head;
    • f.28v: tall thin figure wearing pointed hat riding ?tiger [appears to be drawn in Chinese style];
    • f.29: figure and abstract shape;
    • f.30v: abstract faces;
    • f.33: clouds over mountain and abstract shapes;
    • f.38: head of female apparently wearing tall headpiece;
    • f.43: rough sketch of boy riding ?horse that is rearing up on hind legs;
    • f.44: stag lying by water; lower half of female figure with dog's head;
    • f.45: outline of two figures [adult and child?], the smaller figure has a pointed nose;
    • f.47: female and male heads in profile; abstract owl-like creature;
    • f.50v: head of horned creature [gazelle?];
    • f.51: two studies of man with large nose;
    • f.52v: male head;
    • f.56: head of tiger-like creature with bird emerging from top of head; partial drawing of domed head;
    • f.57v: boy crouched, viewed from behind;
    • f.59: outline of woman and child [for painting?];
    • f.60v: figures on rocks with larger figure on horizon;
    • f.61: two male figures on hillside (with Peake's notes on drawing technique);
    • f.62: male nude;
    • f.62v: two boys in pointed hats by water, parrot and two dogs;
    • f.65v: female with hand over head, drawn from life;
    • f.67: female in headscarf;
    • f.67v: line drawing of male head;
    • f.68v: 'Figure pulling off shirt';
    • f.72: head of black male boy;
    • f.74: male head;
    • f.76v: bird in frame below title 'Letters';
    • f.77v: bird in human clothing;
    • f.78: head of male wearing tall pointed hat;
    • f.79v: head of female.

    Physical characteristics:

    Materials: hard-bound volume.

    Dimensions: 221mm x 145mm.

    Foliation: ff.ii+83.

  • Former Identifiers: UCL ref: MS ADD 234 7(i)A
  • Copies: Digital images (made by the British Library in 2012) of this entire volume are available to consult in the Manuscripts Reading Room - please see staff for details

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